Great education + awesome prizes…all for FREE? Oh yes. Sign up now!

You’ve seen the great lineup (if not take a look below). You know that our educational event on February 18 is going to knock your socks off. What can make this even better? How about games and prizes? Take for instance, our new game, “ED or no ED.”  Watch the clip below and tell us whether or not you think this person will be going to the ED.  

ED or no ED?

What do you think? ED or no ED? Get on Twitter and place your vote @EssentialsofEM #eem16. Let’s find out what the world thinks and watch the thrilling conclusion next Thursday with Rob Orman.

Then, throughout the show, be on the lookout for awesome prize giveaways, ranging from free Essentials conference registration, to free RAPs, to free LLSA. There’s also a rumor that there will be an exclusive conference discount code for a limited time.

But…you’ll have to sign up to get instructions on how to get FREE exclusive access to our livestream page. So sign up now, you have nothing to lose!



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