Join us for a FREE session on Thursday! Unraveling TIAs and headaches.

This Thursday, at our FREE live online Essentials in-studio session, we’ll be going over your most requested accelerated diagnostic protocols, such as TIA: who stays and who goes home?

You know how it goes, a Code Stroke rolls in and you think to yourself, “Easy, we have a protocol for that.” CT is negative and as you start calling up the neurologist and ordering the tPA, the nurse says, “Oh his deficits are gone.” You thought this was going to be an easy admission, now it looks like a TIA. What next? Dr. Cameron Berg goes over a fool-proof protocol during our FREE live online session this Thursday, February 18, 2016 from 8:00am-11:30am PST.

He’ll be joined by Drs. Rob Orman (EM:RAP), Salim Rezaie (REBEL EM), and Joe Bellezzo (ED ECMO) for the highest yield practical knowledge you’ve heard in awhile. Check out the schedule below and join the moderated online chat on Thursday to ask the faculty your questions!

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And remember, if you sign up for any Essentials 2016 package, CME credit for these bonus in-studio sessions is included. EEM is hands-down the best EM experience of the year. Get the band back together and let’s meet up at Essentials 2016 in May.

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See you online this Thursday,

~The Essentials team


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