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Voices From Essentials – Episode 3

Ever had a patient arrive in the ED actively on fire? No? Judd Hollander is one of the few who can answer “yes” to that question. Want to hear the rest of that story? Of course you do! Stories like this enable you crazy ER docs to one-up the brain surgeons at parties. Share your story with us this year by registering for EEM 2015, October 13-15, in Las Vegas.

Essentials – “it’s more than education.”


EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Stuart Swadron, MD

Leading off your conference this year is Stuart Swadron and his Neurology Smackdown. Taking part with Stuart in the neurological madness will be Drs. Scott Weingart and Billy Mallon. Where will you be watching when they hit the EEM 2014 stage for Day 1: Session 1? Live in San Francisco or online at Register today.



EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- William “Billy” Mallon, MD

Who else would we pick, but William “Billy” Mallon, to host our session titled, “Rants and Perspectives”? This Day 2: Session 3 timeslot is sure to entertain, educate, and potentially even irritate. It will not be tame, I can assure you of that. Drs. Sean Nordt and Jeff Tabas will offer a bit of counterpoint to Billy’s rants and a few of their own perspectives on EM. This session is also home to our “People’s Choice” talk that you were asked to vote on when you registered for the course. Haven’t registered for the course? Then click HERE to register and cast your vote for the talk you want to see at EEM 2014.


EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Sanjay Arora, MD

Sanjay Arora is your host for Day 1:Session 2 at the 2014 Essentials of Emergency Medicine conference. Dr. Michael Menchine will join Sanjay as they review the latest and greatest literature in the EM universe for 2014. This stuff is cutting edge! It will be entertaining and informative. There might even be a few disagreements. Can you imagine… conflict in an EEM talk? Click HERE to register today and ensure a ringside seat at the mother of all EM conferences!



EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Al Sacchetti, MD

Chief of Emergency Services at Our Lady Lourdes in New Jersey, Al Sacchetti is a longtime Essentials of EM faculty member and is your host for EEM 2014 Day 3:Session 1, which will focus on pediatric topics. Al is joined by acclaimed educators, Drs. Howie Mell and Chris Amato along with a couple of newcomers. Watch this short video to meet the newest EEM 2014 faculty. Our room block in the Marriott Marquis is filling up quickly, so register HERE now.

Al Sacchetti Session D3S1

EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Ilene Claudius, MD

Ilene Claudius spearheads the EEM 2014 Day 3:Session 2 as your host. Ilene will be sharing the EEM Stage with Drs. Sol Behar, Emily Rose, Rich Cantor and Billy Mallon. This dream team will be focusing on the many intricacies of pediatric emergency medicine. An absolutely terrific session on the third day of the most extraordinary course in all of emergency medicine. Register HERE to ensure your place at EEM 2014!

Ilene Claudius Session D3S1