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Avoid burning bridges at work with just a few words.

Resolve to make meaningful connections with your patients and colleagues with your words and body language. Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM) helps you check off another New Year’s resolution with her game-changing EEM 2015 Keynote on “The Power of Words.”

Victoria’s talk shows how medical education can be more than just medical facts and guideline updates. If you want even more outside-the-box, inspired medical education like this, check out the EEM 2015 Digital Package today.

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Watch Amal Mattu’s ECG trick of the trade to predict STEMIs!

The ECG master, Amal Mattu (@amalmattu), wowed the Essentials 2015 crowd with his practice-changing ECG pearl to catch STEMIs before they happen, looking at only ONE lead!  


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Voices from Essentials Episode 12 : Grace in the face of adversity

In Emergency Medicine, we are often witness to amazing patients and families. Today, Dr. Constance LeBlanc, our keynote speaker at Essentials 2014, recounts an unimaginable story of twisted coincidence and grace in the face of adversity.


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Peripheral pressor extravasation, what do you do?

This ever happen to you? Busy shift, septic patient, persistent hypotension despite fluids…you start some vasopressors through a peripheral IV, with plans to put in a central line. Then you get called away for something else, and the nurse says, “Your IV just blew.” Um, what’s the deal with phentolamine again? Scott Weingart (@emcrit) covers it in about the best 5 minutes you’ll spend this week.

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See what Billy Mallon, alcohol, and a beached brain have in common!

As 2015 winds down, we’re excited to share some of our favorite lectures from Essentials 2015. So, we’d like to start the season of giving with Billy Mallon’s unforgettably hilarious review of clinical sequelae of alcohol and drug abuse.

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Amal’s ECG case of the year – EEM 2015

Did you miss Amal Mattu’s life-changing ECG case of the year at Essentials 2015? Well, don’t worry because now you can watch it here for free!  


With the release of the Essentials 2015 Digital Package, this lecture is just the tip of the educational iceberg!  With over a hundred amazing lectures by master educators, sprinkled in with creative mental breaks, a rousing house band, and hilarious video shorts, we make learning fun, short, and to-the-point!

The best lectures by the best people: practical, entertaining, just LOVE it. The best conference in EM by far!” – EEM 2015 attendee

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Voices From Essentials – Episode 7

Ever “lost” a patient? Witness the dedication of one provider, as recounted by Dr. Ed Newton, former chairman of LAC-USC EM and another spectacularly friendly Canadian, in yet another incredible chapter in the story of Emergency Medicine. Share yours with us at

Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015.

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