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Low-Risk Chest Pain ADP SHOWDOWN (Using TIMI vs HEART): Part 2 of 3 – TIMI

Last week, REBEL EM’s Salim Rezaie went over his evidence-based approach to low-risk chest pain using the HEART score. This week, EMRAP’s Cameron Berg shows us how he does it, using the TIMI score.

Next week, Drs. Rezaie and Berg go head-to-head, comparing and contrasting their strategies and answer your questions, moderated by the one and only Rob Orman. This is where the meat is, so stay tuned!

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Don’t miss one of your last chances to hear an EM legend live

From being a combat medic in the Vietnam War, to a technician, to a nurse, to a physician, Dr. Joe Lex has had a storied career in Emergency Medicine. After almost 50 years practicing, teaching and developing our specialty across the world, he will make his very last speaking appearance in North America at our 15th anniversary conference, before hanging up his stethoscope. Dr. Lex will be sharing insight into how far we’ve come as a specialty and where we are headed.

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Reviewing the greatest RCT of all time…on bloodletting!

Ken Milne, MD, from The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine,  takes you on an eye-opening journey on what evidence-based medicine is all about. Let’s all be glad that there are checks and balances to conducting studies nowadays…not to mention lots of trusted folks doing critical reviews of them.

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To celebrate our upcoming 15th anniversary, Essentials of EM is providing FREE online access to our upcoming Thursday, February 18, 2016 in-studio session. Check out the session schedule below and make plans to join us at 8:00 am PST.

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Everyone who signs up will have a chance to win a FREE Essentials 2016 conference registration during this live stream studio session. Yes, you read that correctly. We love to give away amazing prizes during the big show, but we decided to start a bit early this year! Spend 5 seconds to sign up for FREE livestream access to what is sure to be an incredible educational experience and for your chance to win a FREE EEM 2016 registration. Make sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues. We want everyone to experience this live event and become part of the Essentials family.


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Remember the rash we posted earlier this month? Yup, it’s neonatal herpes!

In 3 minutes, Gil Shlamovitz, MD, from The Visual Diagnosis Series, goes over the answer and some great take-home pearls to help you save a life!

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Avoid burning bridges at work with just a few words.

Resolve to make meaningful connections with your patients and colleagues with your words and body language. Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM) helps you check off another New Year’s resolution with her game-changing EEM 2015 Keynote on “The Power of Words.”

Victoria’s talk shows how medical education can be more than just medical facts and guideline updates. If you want even more outside-the-box, inspired medical education like this, check out the EEM 2015 Digital Package today.

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An Essentials gift for you: how to be a better leader!

As we gear up for a new year, resolve to be a more effective resuscitation leader. Chris Hicks (@HumanFact0rz) shares simple steps culled from military and aviation industry to reduce your stress and make your next case run smooth like butter.



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Also, get ready for our our second livestream session on Thursday, January 14, 2016, as we’ll be joined by Drs. David Duong, Gil Shlamovitz (@gilshla) of Visual Diagnosis Series fame, and Ken Milne (@TheSGEM), the genius behind The SGEM.