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EEM studio exclusive! TMP-SMX doesn’t play well in the sandbox

David Duong, MD, Associate Program Director at Highland General Hospital, gives you the best 10-minutes of your week, hitting the clinical pearls you gotta know when you let TMP-SMX dance with warfarin, ACE inhibitors, phenytoin and sulfonylureas.

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Voices From Essentials – Episode 9

We all know that shift change is a risky time, but Dr. Olga Otter’s story takes this to another level. Let’s just say it involves a car. Just another day in the life of the Emergency Department. What stories will YOU share with us this year at EEM 2015?

Essentials – “it’s more than education.”

Voices From Essentials – Episode 7

Ever “lost” a patient? Witness the dedication of one provider, as recounted by Dr. Ed Newton, former chairman of LAC-USC EM and another spectacularly friendly Canadian, in yet another incredible chapter in the story of Emergency Medicine. Share yours with us at

Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015.

Essentials – “it’s more than education.”