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Voices From Essentials – Episode 10

What would you do if a victim of an unspeakable tragedy and the perpetrator both showed up as patients in the ED? Listen to Dr. Emily Rose recount how she approached this moral dilemma after a devastating motor vehicle accident.

Essentials – “it’s more than education.”

Voices From Essentials – Episode 9

We all know that shift change is a risky time, but Dr. Olga Otter’s story takes this to another level. Let’s just say it involves a car. Just another day in the life of the Emergency Department. What stories will YOU share with us this year at EEM 2015?

Essentials – “it’s more than education.”

Voices From Essentials – Episode 6

Dr. Sarah Martin shares this next story of an altered pregnant patient who is brought in by ambulance. Did I mention that she’s at a small rural ED? That’s right, no help…just Sarah, her team, and a whole lot of training. Every new story you tell is another chapter in the amazing specialty that is Emergency Medicine. Share yours with us this year at Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015.

Essentials…”it’s more than education.”

Voices From Essentials – Episode 5

How does one even begin to write an introduction to what you’re about to hear? Dr. Emily Johnson shares a most unusual airway obstruction case. Now, if there are any kids within earshot of you, please hit the pause button and send them off to do their homework. This will be your only warning!
Essentials – “it’s more than education.”

Voices From Essentials – Episode 2

Can you imagine being in the Air Force, one year removed from residency and you’ve just been deployed to Haiti to provide assistance after a devastating earthquake. Imagine no more. Major Jeff St. Amant takes you there in this installment of Voices of Essentials

Share your stories with us onsite at the Hippo Education studio during EEM 2015 in Las Vegas.

Essentials – it’s more than education.

EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #1 Why we do EM

As I write this post and watch this video one more time, I am struck by how powerful a 15-minute talk at Essentials of Emergency Medicine can be. Since its inception 13 years ago, EEM’s primary focus has always been on you, the EM practitioner. Not only did Mel want to change the way we learn, but more importantly, he wanted to provide a meaningful experience to celebrate our humanity – to learn, share, laugh, and cry as a family.

In 2014, Mel Herbert opened our conference with a very personal lecture titled, “Why we do EM.” Four simple words that elicit powerfully different responses from each of us. The answer is not so simple…it invariably revolves around a personal and intimate story. So, it’s only fitting that we end this countdown with the man who started it all.

Thank you for watching the 2014 countdown, and we hope all of you will join us in Las Vegas, on October 13-15, 2015, as we write the next chapter in the evolution of EEM.

Essentials… “It’s more than education.” ™