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EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #9 The Importance of the “F” word in Emergency Medicine

EEM is meant to inspire you, get you charged up, prime your knowledge base for your ED shifts and remind you, once again, that “what you do matters!” Essentials of EM is the best in the business educating, entertaining  and invigorating your clinical minds.

We love that we have so many Canadian medical professionals as part of our EEM Family. When we asked them which of their great lecturers they wanted to hear speak at the conference overwhelmingly they asked for Dr. Constance LaBlanc . This lecture on the importance of the “F” word in Emergency Medicine was absolutely thought provoking. We know you’ll love it and the entire 2014 conference. EEM 2014 digital package is available now in beautiful HD video and includes over 30 hours of CME. Purchase yours today!

Essentials… “It’s more than education.” ™ 


Hippo EM Podcast Episode 11: Dermatology

So Captain Cortex (Stuart Swadron) and Mel Herbert were up in the Hippo Education studio redoing some board review material. The Captain came up with a brilliant way to simplify Steven Johnson Syndrome, Toxic Epidermal necrolysis and Erythema multiforme…brilliant. Then Herbert realizes the causes of those diseases are the same as DRESS syndrome that was covered in EM:RAP recently and DAMMM – you got yourself a little podcast offering from HIPPO Education…you’re welcome!

Fast MAG Study Published – 2-5-2015

More Breaking news on the literature front. This week the Fast MAG trial has been published in the NEJM. Great to see ED docs publishing at the highest level…pity it didn’t work 😦

Listen to our summary here 

For the full article http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1408827

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Hippo EM Podcast – Episode 01- DVT

DVT in the Legs:  Paul Jhun and Mel Herbert get the Hippo EM podcast off and running with a look at Phlegmasia cerulea dolens and Phlegmasia alba dolens. It’s a spectrum of disease. Not that you didn’t already know that. It’s a great start to what will be one of the best podcasts in Emergency Medicine. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes so you do not miss future episodes.