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Hippo EM Podcast Episode 10 – Figure 1 Photo Sharing for Medical Professionals

In this episode, listen to Mel and special guest, Dhara Amin, MD, share some great medical photos provided courtesy of Figure 1. If you haven’t heard, Figure 1 is a free app that’s revolutionizing the online medical community. Check it out HERE

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Hippo EM Resident Call Room – Post Call: Rankings for EM residency programs

Jess and Jenny rant about the new public rankings for emergency medicine residency programs. The girls present the facts and the unified position of all the major EM associations.

Hippo EM Resident Call Room – Families in Residency Part 2: Moms

Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview EM attending, Dr. Mizuho Spangler, about her experience being a new mom in residency. We bring this formerly taboo subject into the limelight with an honest conversation about the challenges, fears, and rewards of parenthood as an emergency physician in training.

EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Stuart Swadron, MD

Leading off your conference this year is Stuart Swadron and his Neurology Smackdown. Taking part with Stuart in the neurological madness will be Drs. Scott Weingart and Billy Mallon. Where will you be watching when they hit the EEM 2014 stage for Day 1: Session 1? Live in San Francisco or online at essentialsofem.com? Register today.



Hippo EM Resident Call Room – Families in Residency Pt. 1: Dads

Wonder what it’s like to start your family as a resident? Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview LAC+USC resident Max Fitzgerald and his wife Emily about the joys and challenges of having their first child during intern year. Tune in for part 2 to hear the perspective of female residents. Contributors from MetroHealth & Cleveland Clinic.

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EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- William “Billy” Mallon, MD

Who else would we pick, but William “Billy” Mallon, to host our session titled, “Rants and Perspectives”? This Day 2: Session 3 timeslot is sure to entertain, educate, and potentially even irritate. It will not be tame, I can assure you of that. Drs. Sean Nordt and Jeff Tabas will offer a bit of counterpoint to Billy’s rants and a few of their own perspectives on EM. This session is also home to our “People’s Choice” talk that you were asked to vote on when you registered for the course. Haven’t registered for the course? Then click HERE to register and cast your vote for the talk you want to see at EEM 2014.