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EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #1 Why we do EM

As I write this post and watch this video one more time, I am struck by how powerful a 15-minute talk at Essentials of Emergency Medicine can be. Since its inception 13 years ago, EEM’s primary focus has always been on you, the EM practitioner. Not only did Mel want to change the way we learn, but more importantly, he wanted to provide a meaningful experience to celebrate our humanity – to learn, share, laugh, and cry as a family.

In 2014, Mel Herbert opened our conference with a very personal lecture titled, “Why we do EM.” Four simple words that elicit powerfully different responses from each of us. The answer is not so simple…it invariably revolves around a personal and intimate story. So, it’s only fitting that we end this countdown with the man who started it all.

Thank you for watching the 2014 countdown, and we hope all of you will join us in Las Vegas, on October 13-15, 2015, as we write the next chapter in the evolution of EEM.

Essentials… “It’s more than education.” ™

EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #4 Whose risk are you managing?

Dr. David Schriger and this thought provoking look into “Whose risk are you managing?” are number four on our EEM 2014 top 10 list. The key question David asks the EEM 2014 attendees is are you providing the “ideal amount of medical care to your patients” or is fear driving the practice of emergency medicine? This is the quintessential EEM talk, insightful and philosophical and 100% focused on doing what is right for patients and for the heart and soul of the practitioner. 30 hours of amazing CME for this talk and the rest of EEM 2014 is available now with your EEM 2014 Digital package purchase.

Registration is now open for EEM 2015 Oct 13-15 in Las Vegas. Space is limited so register today!

Essentials… “It’s more than education.” ™


EEM 2015 – Registration is now open!

Register today for EEM 2015. Join us as we embark on the next phase in our evolution.

An upscale Las Vegas theater is the new venue for the best conference in Emergency Medicine. Social events and “Happy Hour” sessions enhance your educational experience and are designed to energize your mind and lift your spirit.

The EEM 2015 conference will be held October 13-15, 2015. This year, we are limiting live registration to ensure the best possible experience for you. Register today to guarantee your seat.

For a complete lecture schedule, faculty listing, and more information,                                      check out our essentialsofem.com website. See you in Las Vegas!

P.S. A little secret between friends…EEM 2016 is moving to the spring                                        (May 10-12, 2016 in Las Vegas).

Essentials… “It’s more than education.” ™

Hank Gathers 25 years later

25 years ago today Hank Gathers, a star college basketball player had a sudden cardiac arrest while playing a game in Los Angeles and died.  There where many lessons we learnt from Hanks Gathers death.  In years past we created this video that was shown only at Essentials of EM, but today we make it public.  We remember Hank Gathers today and the final lessons he taught us. #WeRememberHankGathers

Hippo EM Podcast Episode 11: Dermatology

So Captain Cortex (Stuart Swadron) and Mel Herbert were up in the Hippo Education studio redoing some board review material. The Captain came up with a brilliant way to simplify Steven Johnson Syndrome, Toxic Epidermal necrolysis and Erythema multiforme…brilliant. Then Herbert realizes the causes of those diseases are the same as DRESS syndrome that was covered in EM:RAP recently and DAMMM – you got yourself a little podcast offering from HIPPO Education…you’re welcome!

Three important stroke trials published in the last month.

Just in case you’re not an EMRAP subscriber. We wanted to share with you this EM:RAP Short sent out to our subscribers today by the main man himself.


Three important stroke trials have been published in the last 30 days. MR CLEANEXTEND-IA and ESCAPE.  All very important studies that are generating lots of press.  We reported on EXTEND-IA, MR CLEAN was so last month.  Dave Newman will be dissecting all three in some detail and we will give that analysis in the next week or so.  In the mean time go check them out using the above links.

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Mel Herbert Speaks About EEM 2014

For 14 years EEM has been striving to be the best medical conference in the world. The man behind it all has remained shrouded in mystery. Today the curtain lifts on that man and his thoughts about essentials of emergency medicine.

Please join us at EEM 2014. It’s going to be a lot of fun!